Work of Students of the Thomas More College’s Guild of St Luke

Gothic illumination in the style of the School of St Albans.  This past week the Guild of St Luke offered an four-day intensive class in gothic illumination. Learning the 13th century style of the English ‘School of St Albans’, students had a choice of four images from the Westminster Psalter. Mr David Clayton, Thomas More [...]


How to Make an Icon Corner and Change the World

by David Clayton on March 21, 2014

How to Make an Icon Corner and Change the World

A new book tells us how to create one, has icons you can pull out and frame and how to pray in the family so that it become a force for cultural renewal.  The force to change the world begins with us. We must change ourselves, and then our families and then society will change. [...]


Slash and No Burn – New Icon of Our Lady of Czestachova

Here is another new icon of a familiar image. reader David Woolf from Wales sent this to me and I will let him describe the process by which it was commissioned: ‘I wanted a travelling icon, so it is a diptych – it goes with me wherever I travel. I have a great devotion to [...]


The Dynamic of Prayer with Baroque Sacred Art

by David Clayton on March 14, 2014

The Dynamic of Prayer with Baroque Sacred Art

And how it is connected with the rosary. Have you ever had the experience of walking into an art gallery and being struck by a wonderful painting on the far side of the room. You are so captivated by it that you want to get closer. As you approach it, something strange happens. The image goes [...]


New Setting for the Creed from Corpus Christi Watershed

by David Clayton on March 11, 2014

Here is a new chant setting for the Creed composed by Jeff Ostrowski, who happens to be president of Corpus Christi Watershed. He has published a recording and scores, all available for download free on their website, here. He has also written a brief account of his approach to composition. My belief is that we will [...]


How to Compose Psalm Tones for the Vernacular – Have a Go Yourself

Here’s an article that I wrote and was first posted on the traditional music website, Corpus Christi Watershed. It is about the principles used when creating psalm tones for the vernacular. It explains the method by which the tones that are given on this site were developed at Thomas More College and how we tried [...]


Arthur Rackham – A Brilliant Illustrator from the Golden Age of British Illustration

Following on from last week here are some more illustrations from England in the period of 10-15 years on either side of the First World War. This time the artist is Arthur Rackham. When I was young my Mum and Dad used to read Jack the Giant Killer to me. The book had been my [...]

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The Iconography of the Immaculate Conception and the Litany of Loreto – A Lesson for Today from the Spanish Masters

I was recently asked about Zurburan’s Immaculate Conception. I was aware of the general description of the iconography of the image, but could not interpret the details of everything that he has painted. My go-to person in these situations is Dr Caroline Farey, who once again will lead the teaching on the distance-learning diploma Art, [...]