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EWTN has announced the debut of Extraordinary Faith, a television series showcasing the beauties of Sacred Tradition and the Tridentine Mass. Episode 1 was filmed at the historic Mission San Juan Capistrano in California, located about one hour south of Los Angeles. Episode 1 includes some background information about the series, as well as an [...]


Here are some photos of a tiny church in Devon. The tour of the church was given to myself and the rest of the class on the Maryvale’s Art Beauty and Inspiration course that was taking place at Buckfast Abbey in Devon. As part of this, we asked Michael Vian Clark, who taught chant to [...]


Has Pope Francis Saved Western Culture?

by David Clayton on November 8, 2013

One small change to the wording of the mission of the Anglican Ordinariate, instituted by Pope Francis might have a profound effect on how it participates in the Church’s mission of evangelisation; and on English speaking culture. When I was at the Sacra Liturgia Conference this past summer, speaker after speaker emphasised the importance of [...]


As described before, on my return from the Sacra Liturgia 2013 conference in Rome I wrote an article for Catholic Education Daily in which I argued that the essence of Catholic education is education in the liturgy. The article is A School of Love: the Sacred Liturgy and Education. As part of the recommended reading [...]

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Are there any mathematicians out there who can tell me if this is nonesense? It might turn the whole of science upside down. I recently did a posting about how the passage through sacred time might be viewed as a helical progression based upon the significance of the numbers 7 and 8 in the liturgy [...]


Over the summer, I read the Hymns on Paradise written by St Ephrem the Syrian. Ephrem is a 4th century saint who lived in modern day Turkey and wrote in Syriac. Although much of what he wrote is liturgical – in the form of hymns, it is theologically rich. There were two reasons why I [...]


During my visit to friends and family in Europe, I spent a a few days in Spain (during the last week of May). My parents have retired there (along with another million Brits). I was lucky in that the time of my visit was just the time when wild flowers are in bloom. I am [...]


I am regularly asked by parents how they can teach an appreciation of good traditional art to their children. One father recently went further than that and asked me if there was anything I could do to unculturate them in such a way that their sensibilities are in tune with a catholic culture in its [...]