Liturgy of the Hours

Modern research into how firefighters and nurses respond to a crisis supports the idea that a traditional education in beauty will develop our powers of intuitive decision making. In a great series of recorded lectures entitled The Art of Critical Decision Making, former Harvard business school professor and current Trustee Professor of Management at Bryant University, Michael […]


In this article I describe how it is prayer, above all, that binds families together; and the most powerful form of prayer we can pray in the home is the liturgy of the hours. Furthermore, with the father leading the prayers, we are opening the way for a powerful driving force that has effect not […]


…And it passes through an octagonal portal.   Liturgy, the formal worship of the Church – the Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours, the Eucharist at its centre – is the ‘source and summit of Christian life’. We are made by God to be united with him in heaven in a state of perfect […]


My book, co-authored with Leila Lawler, is now out and can be ordered from the publisher Sophia Institute Press. It is called The Little Oratory – A Beginner’s Guide to Praying in the Home. The claim in the title about the impact it will have, incidentally, is not my own but is taken from a review […]


How to Make an Icon Corner and Change the World

by David Clayton on March 21, 2014

A new book tells us how to create one, has icons you can pull out and frame and how to pray in the family so that it become a force for cultural renewal.  The force to change the world begins with us. We must change ourselves, and then our families and then society will change. […]


How to Pray With Visual Imagery – Way of Beauty replay

by David Clayton on December 20, 2013

It is now more than three and a half years since I started this blog so first of all I would like to thank so many of you for your interest and your comments. I am currently involved in several book projects which will be published in the early part of next year – more […]


Educators take note! Here is the greatest source of wisdom. When writing about Jean Leclercq’s Love of Learning and the Desire for God, I referred to his description of the tension that exists between the  different educational approaches of the scholastic and the monastics schools . The former characterised (in part) by relying of very dry, […]

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 An education in truths that cannot be expressed in words  In his book, the Love of Learning and the Desire for God, Jean Leclerq describes various tensions playing out in education in the medieval period. One arises from the love of beautiful literature, poetic or prosaic, that is not explicitly sacred. The danger is that […]